Sunday, April 8, 2012

Called #AskLermaniacs

Q : Give me one artist whom you ship her with LoganLerman #AskLermaniacs
A  : Alexandra Daddario
Q : What kind of food that you'll cook for loganlerman in the morning ? #AskLermaniacs
A : Pancakes, Baked Beans.
Q : What kind of place that you want to visit it with LoganLerman? Its like a farm or maybe a mall ? #AskLermaniacs
A : beach, tallest floor on a building, farm, LA, Paris.
Q : Which part in PJO that makes you laugh ? #AskLermaniacs
A : the capture flag scene when percy falls off, logans priceless expression at the museum. After he had a fight with the creature, The moment when Grover gave some dollars to the man who had to take them to Hades but he didnt take the money.
Q : Which part in T3M that makes you curious ? #AskLermaniacs
A : the ending. I want to know what buckingham and milady are up to.
Q : What will you do if you hear bad rumors from haters about Loggie ? #AskLermaniacs
A : Don't give a damn about 'em, give them a high five in the face.. With a chair, kill the haters. Haha, jk.. I've never heard of a Loggie hater.., ignore it. Real #Lermaniacs know him we know what he's like, we know what's real and what is just haters
Q : What have LoganLerman done that make you remember him? #AskLermaniacs
A : He played percy.
Q : What's your biggest obsession about LoganLerman ? #AskLermaniacs
A : HIS EYES, his down to earth personality and his humor. Seriously, that guy is hilarious!, his perfection, attitude, his eyebrows! And his obsession with films.
Q : In your opinion, what kind of clothes that make Loggie looks so flawless ? #AskLermaniacs
A ; Suits, no clothes at all, tuxedo, t-shirt&jeans, Certainly not his shirts but his eyes
Q : What do make LoganLerman soooo flawless ? #AskLermaniacs
A : Himself
Q : What do you want to tweet if you've a chance to be replied by @LoganLerman ? #AskLermaniacs
A : "Get in my bed", "hi logan! I'll always love&support you! ♥ he can make my day brighter! Love you&take care:) hit follow?:)"  

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