Monday, April 16, 2012

LOGANLERMAN Twitter Takeover part 1 (Glamour Magazine)

1. Logan Said "The palaces in Germany were pretty impressive. Amazing" when he asked about Most Impressive thing you saw filming T3M.

2. Logan said "Not that I know of - there’s no plan I know of" when he asked about T3M sequel.

3. Logan said "They were diff experiences for me but they were both fulfilling" when he asked about enjoy playing Percy / D'artagnan.

4. Logan said "There’s a lot of preparation before filming but the wardrobe helps" when he aksed about how do he get into the minds of his characters.

5. Logan said "I’m signed up for it but as of yet there are no plans for it" when he asked about signed up for PJO sequel.

6. Logan said "What is 13 Reasons Why? So no!" when he asked about considering for 13 Reasons Why.

7. Logan said "Hopefully I’ll still be making films and maybe behind the camera too, directing" when he asked about 10 years from now he will be what.

8. Logan said "I don’t like it!" when he asked about watching himself in films.

9. Logan said "Just the whole film-making process… It’s great" when he asked about favorite thing about acting.

10. Logan said "Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Cat Stevens" when he asked about his fave band.

11. Logan said "I just finished a film called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Out mid-next year" when he asked about film after T3M promo.

12. Logan said "I’m not really guilty about any of my pleasures" when he asked about his guilty pleasure.

13. "I appreciate film actors who respect the film making process." - Logan Lerman when he asked about his fave actor.

14. Into the future to see what’s happening years from now - LoganLerman when he asked about when he would go if he could travel in time.

15. I just love being in the UK. Collection of many things, even the weather! - LoganLerman when he asked about fave thing in UK.

16. Berlin is my favourite city - LoganLerman when he asked his fave City in Germany.

17. Vanilla - LoganLerman when he asked about his fave ice cream.

18. Emma’s incredibly nice & great to work with! - LoganLerman when he asked about working with Emma.

19. David Fincher, Cohen Brothers, Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Tarantino - LL when he asked about his fave director.

20. It comes from having an appreciation of things in front of you - LL when he asked about who taught him to be so positive.

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