Monday, April 30, 2012

Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters edited pictures

You guys who want to join my project about #PJOEdit picture, can tweet it to me (@isabellerman) and i'll RT and post it in my blog for sure :)♥ 
i found these amazing pictures in Tumblr. How Amazing are they ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters filming video

Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Nathan Fillion on the set

Logan Lerman on the set of Percy Jackson Video

Deleted Scene of Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

Do you guys know this first before i found this ? LOL

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Percy Jackson photo edit ♥

Derpy Face of The King of Derp :p 

Sea of Monsters

Logan Lerman and his hat ♥

OMG just found this picture and Logan looks sooooo adorable flawless cute percet omg, i can't breath ! Logan Lerman should give me artificial respiration NOW ! LOL 

this is the picture, TADAAAA, LOGGIE LOGAN WADE LERMAN ♥ 

Attention : 
BE CAREFUL WITH THIS PICTURE, can make Lermaniacs scream out loudly :p 


If you one of those LERMANIACS, you better say YES or i will punch you ;) LOL kidding :p 

Lermaniacs won't say NO, will you ? ☻ 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Logan Lerman On The Set of Percy Jackson : Sea Of Monsters

LOVE LOGGIE with his blue shirt  

The Hippocampi ♥ 

Logan and Alex filming the hippocampi scene ♥ 

Douglas and Alex filming the hippocampi scene

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LoganLerman's mom replied me thrice ♥


You know what did i feel when i looked @LisaLerman42 account mentioned me ? i felt like flying to the moon and back again to this world, i felt everything, happy, glad, awesome, can't describe it. LOL. Look at the last word "Happy Holidays" OMGOMGOMG. can't breathe, like dying at that moment. aaaaaa screaming like an idiot LOL. i immediately told my friend that LoganLerman's mom replied me OMG !! THAT MOMENT, yes i miss that moment :') i miss LoganLerman, LisaLerman and family :) 

THIS TOO!! You know what ? whaaah i can't tell what did i feel.. SHE ASKED ME FOR MY BREAKFAST OMG!! AM I CRAZY OR WHAT I DON'T KNOW, BUT I ALMOST SCREAMED, SHOUTED AT THAT TIME!! OMG, How Great is Logan's Mom. Glad to meet her !!! *fangitling* *dying* 

Loggie Gallery ♥

Monday, April 16, 2012

LOGANLERMAN Twitter TakeOver Part 2 (Glamour Magazine)

21.  No - they hurt me - LL about his extension hair in T3M.

22. I got into acting to get my foot in the door for film-making - LL about do something when he was young.

23. I’d love to try it - sounds like an awesome idea! - LL about ice cream waffles.

24. There’s so many places - I want to go everywhere - LL about country he would like to visit.

24. I like to go the movies - LL about spend his free time.

25. Get back to class! - LL when he got a tweet from student who is still at the school.

26. My favs are The Thing, The Shining… So many! - LL about horror movie.

27. Of course, I’d love to. I’d love to film here too - LL about considering living in the UK. 

28. No, but it’s the one instrument I do really want to learn to play. For sure. - LL about play the violin.

29. I’m not the biggest fan. - LL about country music.

30. For the most part. Yes. - LL about his own stunts. 

31. Richoux! The Denny’s of London. Good food. - LL about his fav place in London. 

32. Hire a stylist! - LL about his top fashion tip.  

33. I usually have a guitar around. - LL about what to do to get rid of his boredom.

34. I really enjoy everything about it. - LL about his least favorite part of being an actor.

35. I’m not a big fan of sports - I don’t follow any - LL about sports

36. Who doesn’t sing in the shower! - LL about sing in the shower.

LOGANLERMAN Twitter Takeover part 1 (Glamour Magazine)

1. Logan Said "The palaces in Germany were pretty impressive. Amazing" when he asked about Most Impressive thing you saw filming T3M.

2. Logan said "Not that I know of - there’s no plan I know of" when he asked about T3M sequel.

3. Logan said "They were diff experiences for me but they were both fulfilling" when he asked about enjoy playing Percy / D'artagnan.

4. Logan said "There’s a lot of preparation before filming but the wardrobe helps" when he aksed about how do he get into the minds of his characters.

5. Logan said "I’m signed up for it but as of yet there are no plans for it" when he asked about signed up for PJO sequel.

6. Logan said "What is 13 Reasons Why? So no!" when he asked about considering for 13 Reasons Why.

7. Logan said "Hopefully I’ll still be making films and maybe behind the camera too, directing" when he asked about 10 years from now he will be what.

8. Logan said "I don’t like it!" when he asked about watching himself in films.

9. Logan said "Just the whole film-making process… It’s great" when he asked about favorite thing about acting.

10. Logan said "Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Cat Stevens" when he asked about his fave band.

11. Logan said "I just finished a film called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Out mid-next year" when he asked about film after T3M promo.

12. Logan said "I’m not really guilty about any of my pleasures" when he asked about his guilty pleasure.

13. "I appreciate film actors who respect the film making process." - Logan Lerman when he asked about his fave actor.

14. Into the future to see what’s happening years from now - LoganLerman when he asked about when he would go if he could travel in time.

15. I just love being in the UK. Collection of many things, even the weather! - LoganLerman when he asked about fave thing in UK.

16. Berlin is my favourite city - LoganLerman when he asked his fave City in Germany.

17. Vanilla - LoganLerman when he asked about his fave ice cream.

18. Emma’s incredibly nice & great to work with! - LoganLerman when he asked about working with Emma.

19. David Fincher, Cohen Brothers, Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Tarantino - LL when he asked about his fave director.

20. It comes from having an appreciation of things in front of you - LL when he asked about who taught him to be so positive.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ask Lermaniacs part 2

You Guys want to join #AskLermaniacs? you can give your answers by comment :)  

Q : Tell me your favorite LoganLerman's quote! #AskLermaniacs
A : "live your dream. Do what you wanna do. Follow your heart." - Logan Lerman
    Whatever he said , i love it
"I've never given much thought to being cool. I don't really think about it one way or the other." - Logan Lerman

    "i love sushi" :)))

Q :Then, tell me your favorite part (about Loggie of course) in T3M #AskLermaniacs
A : the opening scene when he fights with his father + the fight with Rochefort :)
   the "are you always this cocky?" "only on tuesdays and..." part
   When he did a swordsplay with Rochefort. Then he said afterwards "You should apologize to my horse" Lol he's so cool in there!
   all the parts he was in except for the part that he was kissing gabriela... :)

Q: What do you think about LoganLerman before you become a Lermaniac ? #AskLermaniacs
A : that guy got a baby face but he's kinda cute :D

Q : Any things on you that same with LoganLerman ? Maybe favorite color or food or anything. #AskLermaniacs
A : we are both destined to marry each other
   We have the same taste in music. I love Coldplay, Dr Dog, Neil Young and Robin Pecknold just as much as he does :)
   Our favorite color. ♥ Which are blue and green :)

Q : And what do you think about Loggie and Alexandra ? ;) #AskLermaniacs
    I support them all the way. They are perfect for each other and what makes Loggie happy, makes me happy :)#TeamLogandra
   I like her , but Logan is mine , can't she get it !? ( Just Kiddin' )
   Sorry #teamlogandra but Logan and Alexandra are not fit for each other. I'm not in favor for them lol. Just my opinion.

Q :Tell me your #Lermaniacpromise (: #AskLermaniacs
A : I will support and love @LoganLerman till eternity no matter what. Till death do us part. ♥ Well 140 characters aren't enough.

Q : What kind of place that you want to marry LoganLerman if your soul mate is him? And where? #AskLermaniacs
A : If he would want to marry me I wouldn't care about where because everywhere is perfect with him <3 :)
   New York. Downtown Manhattan. Where Camp Half-blood is. ♥

Q : If LoganLerman asks you to eat Sushi together, what kind of sushi that will you choose ? #AskLermaniacs
A : I'd ask him to pick one for me because I never tried Sushi before :)

                                                  by : owner 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

LOGANLERMAN PICTS with Leven Rambin and Douglas Smith !

Thor, Douglas, Leven, Logan  

Leven hugged Logan ?! OMG 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Percy Jackson Sequel : The Sea of Monsters


Logan Lerman : Percy Jackson
Jake Abel : Luke Castellan 
Douglas Smith : Tyson 
Alexandra Daddario : Annabeth Chase
Brandon T Jackson : Grover Underwood
Paloma Kwiatkowski : Thalia Grace
Yvette Nicole Brown, Missi Pyle, May Birdsong : The Three Fates
Nathan Fillion : Hermes

and LEVEN RAMBIN (she played Glimmer in THG) as CLARISSE LA RUE