Monday, April 16, 2012

LOGANLERMAN Twitter TakeOver Part 2 (Glamour Magazine)

21.  No - they hurt me - LL about his extension hair in T3M.

22. I got into acting to get my foot in the door for film-making - LL about do something when he was young.

23. I’d love to try it - sounds like an awesome idea! - LL about ice cream waffles.

24. There’s so many places - I want to go everywhere - LL about country he would like to visit.

24. I like to go the movies - LL about spend his free time.

25. Get back to class! - LL when he got a tweet from student who is still at the school.

26. My favs are The Thing, The Shining… So many! - LL about horror movie.

27. Of course, I’d love to. I’d love to film here too - LL about considering living in the UK. 

28. No, but it’s the one instrument I do really want to learn to play. For sure. - LL about play the violin.

29. I’m not the biggest fan. - LL about country music.

30. For the most part. Yes. - LL about his own stunts. 

31. Richoux! The Denny’s of London. Good food. - LL about his fav place in London. 

32. Hire a stylist! - LL about his top fashion tip.  

33. I usually have a guitar around. - LL about what to do to get rid of his boredom.

34. I really enjoy everything about it. - LL about his least favorite part of being an actor.

35. I’m not a big fan of sports - I don’t follow any - LL about sports

36. Who doesn’t sing in the shower! - LL about sing in the shower.

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