Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LoganLerman's mom replied me thrice ♥


You know what did i feel when i looked @LisaLerman42 account mentioned me ? i felt like flying to the moon and back again to this world, i felt everything, happy, glad, awesome, can't describe it. LOL. Look at the last word "Happy Holidays" OMGOMGOMG. can't breathe, like dying at that moment. aaaaaa screaming like an idiot LOL. i immediately told my friend that LoganLerman's mom replied me OMG !! THAT MOMENT, yes i miss that moment :') i miss LoganLerman, LisaLerman and family :) 

THIS TOO!! You know what ? whaaah i can't tell what did i feel.. SHE ASKED ME FOR MY BREAKFAST OMG!! AM I CRAZY OR WHAT I DON'T KNOW, BUT I ALMOST SCREAMED, SHOUTED AT THAT TIME!! OMG, How Great is Logan's Mom. Glad to meet her !!! *fangitling* *dying* 

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