Thursday, April 5, 2012

Loggie's Facts

Some FACTS about Logan Lerman !
1. He Likes SUSHI so much 

2. His First Following in twitter is Alexandra Daddario ♥ 
3. Logan Lerman made his Youtube account with Dean Collins named Monkeynuts1069 ♥
3. Logan Lerman had a band named Indigo which has 3 personnel : Logan Lerman, Dean Collins and Daniel Pashman ♥ 
4. He is a Jewish ♥
5. His Mom's name is Lisa Lerman and his Father's name is Larry ♥
6. He has 2 siblings (sister and brother) named Lindsey and Lucas ♥
7. His first commercial is CABBAGE PATCH ♥
8. He told his mother that he wanted to be an actor - at 21/2 years old after he watched a Jackie Chan's movie ♥
9. His family's tradition : use the Letter "L" in the beginning of their names such as Logan, Larry, Lucas ♥ 
10. He is a huge fan of the LA LAKERS ♥ 

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