Sunday, April 8, 2012

LoganLerman story #1

Once upon a time, there lived a young shy man named LoganLerman.

He lived in the town that everybody hated it so much. I don't know why they hate it, but maybe they hate it because this town doesn't have anything to be eaten. So, they decided to left it. But there's one family who wanted to stay at there. Yes, LoganLerman's family. His family wanted it because the town seemed so fresh, so beautiful, and out of pollution. There's a farm, bird cage, and the town was like a village. Not a town. Then the town which isn't crowded anymore, now it's being crowded again. Believe it? Here's the story. Someday, Logan found his new friend named Dean Collins there. Logan and Dean are really really great friend, no, BEST Friend. They searched for foods together, walked to the hill together, and sang some songs together. They loved music so much, until they tried to made some musics by their self.

They made it by some tools that aren't used again.And tadaaa! They got it, they got the "drum" "guitar" and "keyboard" When a man looked at what have they done, he felt so amazed. So he asked to joins with Logan and Dean and they accepted the new member. His name was Daniel. Everyday, they played music, their own music with the tools that they made it by their self. Suddenly, there's an old man that heard the songs of Logan-Dean-Daniel's music. that old man followed the songs and he found Logan Dean Daniel were practicing together. The old man said that Logan-Dean-Daniel should to joined music competition and finally, they're WON! Logan-Dean-Daniel felt so happy and their supporter increased day by day. But, the three one decided to went back to their hometown, and do you know what happen there? The three one GOT an AMAZING response! The Three one was surprised because lot of population who fulfilled that village. Soooo, Logan-Dean-Daniel has been succeed to made their village became famous again without their wanted.

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