Thursday, September 20, 2012

Logan Lerman Tells How He Went Sour On Mixtapes


Emma Watson jumped in first, exclaiming, "I make mix CDs all the time. I made one for these guys!"—indicating her co-stars. And Ezra Miller remembered being "involved with some mixtape processes with my sisters, growing up. We made a lot of mixtapes, for road trips."
But the lone holdout—and saddest story—from the mixtape debate was Logan Lerman, who confessed, "I kinda stopped."
Stopped? Stopped making mixtapes? But...but why?!

Answer: the same reason that anyone stops making mixtapes. DISASTROUS MORTIFICATION.
"I was really young, I really liked this girl...this is why I don't make mixtapes anymore," Logan said. "I gave her the CD, I remember the song I put on—it was 'She's Electric' by Oasis. And she was like, 'YOU ARE SO WEIRD. OH MY GOD.'"
That is truly tragic, y'all. The only consolation: Wherever that girl is, she's probably kicking herself so hard right now.
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