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Logan Lerman for Novel Novice

Interviewer: So how did Charlie and the narrative arc in the movie differ from the books, since it’s a different form?

Logan Lerman: Oh, yeah. They definitely had to trim out some of the details. Make it a little bit neater for the movie. Just to fit everything into a film. But, you know, Steve Chbosky, he wrote the novel, wrote the script, is directing it. So it’s very true to the book and I think the fans of the book are going to be really happy with what Steve has created.
Interviewer: Steve said you just innately understood this? The first time he met you, and thought he had found his Charlie. What made you get it so well?
Logan: I guess, you know, I was very similar to Charlie in many ways growing up and I just responded really well to the material. It was just an instant understanding, and I just knew that I had to play the part.
Interviewer: in what ways do you feel similar to Charlie?
Logan: I guess with his awkwardness and trying to figure things out in that time period and how to socialize, fit in. I guess, just the way he … I guess I wasn’t as naïve as him, but I definitely had the morals that he had. So I guess, it kind of … I don’t know, I can’t explain it very well. I’m just very similar to him, I guess. A lot of the experiences or a lot of the situations in the script have actually happened to me in life, so I just connected with him.

Novel Novice: How has working on this adaptation been similar and/or different from Percy Jackson? Both have huge followings, but on different scopes.
Logan: This is much smaller. Much smaller movie. But I guess, the young cast and the fact that we’re all good friends now. You know, just to have that unity, like, with the young cast is similar to what I experienced onPercy Jackson. I’m just fortunate to be working with such a great group of young actors. And they’re all, such really awesome people, so we just hit it off.
Interviewer: Do you have any favorite scenes?
Logan: You know, I do, but I don’t want to ruin anything. Some of them are … would definitely give away plot details. A lot of fun scenes and really epic scenes that we were able to shoot, that people are going to be excited to see.
Interviewer: Charlie loves to read. What books are you reading now and do you have that similar love for reading?
Logan: Yeah, I mean. At the moment, I’ve just been absorbed in this. I’ve been reading the script a million times and the book. But I do love to read.
Interviewer: What are some of yourn favorite books?
Logan: For me, Catcher in the RyeGreat Gatsby is definitely my favorite. Some enjoyable reads, recently. Five People You Meet in Heaven. I don’t know, random ones. I haven’t had that much time to myself.
Novel Novice: Book adaptations are so big right now. There wasPercy Jackson and this one, then Harry Potter and Twilight, and now, Hunger Games. Why do you think books are so popular to be turned into movies right now?
Logan: Because they have a fan base. That’s how it gets made.
Interviewer: It’s interesting because it seems young adult books now are appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Like, I picked up Perks of Being a Wallflower and read it in one night, and I’m almost 35. All these books are appealing to a lot of people. What do you make of that? Is the quality improving, or … ?
Logan: The quality of writing? I don’t know. I mean, there’s always great material out there. Great books to read. But yeah, because they have that fan base, it’s a lot easier for them to become films and get adapted and find themselves on the big screen. Makes sense.
Interviewer: What’s it like working with a superstar like Emma Watson? Is it intimidating?
Logan:  No, no. She’s great. She’s really great person, and easy to work with. Fantastic. … it’s real exciting to see her outside of the [Harry Potter] series and what she’s able to do. She’s not only pulling it off, but she’s blowing people away with her performance.
Novel Novice: You’ve probably done a lot of media interviews by now for this and your other projects. Is there an interview question you always wish someone would ask?
Logan:  Oh, I have no idea. I have no idea! I mean … what would you want to be asked in an interview? I really don’t know …
Interviewer: Putting the book [The Perks of Being a Wallflower] on film, inherently provides an alternate perspective from just what Charlie sees. How do you think that affects the story?
LoganIt’s definitely a different perspective. It’s a different story, in itself, I guess because you’re telling it from that point of view. … Seeing it from this point of view, definitely changes the story. But Steve keeps it really true to what the book was, what the book is.
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