Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ezra Miller for Vman

Where were you born?
Valley Hospital, Fuckin’ New Jersey
And where do you live now?
How do you personally relate to your Perks character? How do you differ?
To differ from another person should never mean that one cannot relate: I differ vastly from Patrick, but I relate to Patrick infinitely.
What was the first book that you felt had a deep impact on you?
Dr. Seuss books like The Lorax, The Butter Battle Book, and Yertle the Turtle are the first books I remember as opening gaps in my baby brain for attempting to under-stand the world. I recently read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and was once again reminded that Dr. Seuss totally knew what was up.
Besides acting, how else do you express yourself?
At least as of right now in my life I am of the belief that the way a person lives in relation to everything else is constant self-expression. But I know what you mean, and I like to dance, sing, drum, talk like an idiot in interviews, and cook.
How did you get into the early ’90s mind-set? Is it tough playing a period piece based on a time that’s almost too recent to be properly historicized but that you weren’t a part of?
I was born the year this film takes place, so I very much grew up feeling the strange weight of this particular time for American kids, and there are some helpful consistencies in the last 20 years for sure. Culture has been sick and corrupted and kids have angstfully learned to deal with it for a very long time.
What would be your ideal role?
I’d like to play Abraham in a telling of the story of the first covenant.
What major message of The Perks of Being A Wallflower do you connect with most?
You accept the love you think you deserve.
What excites you most about a future in film and acting? What scares you most?
The film and the acting excite me the most. The press scares me the most.
What role does music play in your life?
Forgive me for sounding like a stoner hippie douche, but it would take me years to answer this question. So to keep it simple, hippie-douche it is: everything we know is com- posed of vibrations, music is the art form of intentional vibration. Literally everything is music.
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