Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Percy Jackson SoM ROCK ON ♥

Another Picture of PJO SoM picture on the set. 
found it in tumblr and i don't own it ☻ 
Enjoy ☻ 
Click here to see the full cast and crew of Sea of Monsters
News Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters will be filming in New Orleans on June 23rd until July 12th.

Alexandra with fans :D Look how happy are they :') 
and look, how LUCKY are they :')))♥ 

Leven Rambin and fans !! beautiful clarisse.. wanna meet the cast so much :(
source : Perksofbeinginfinitewallflower

Logan + Lerman + fans = PERFECT
how lucky they are omg :')
i want to meet him but.. i can't :'(( 

Before the smoke machines but during the rainstorm ;) 

MR. D whoop whoop!! can't wait for the movie ♥

Look at the taxi!! it lifted up OMG... i wonder what happen with the taxi in the story. LOL 

The PJO SoM cast!!  Hope i can be there :((

PJO SoM Location ♥

OMG LOOK !! LOGAN LERMAN GIVING HIS AUTOGRAPH TO CHILD!! OMG.. you're really kind, Logan! and for you, child, you're lucky.. very lucky to have it :')♥ 

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